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The Top 7 Bathroom Trends of 2020

7 Unbelievable Bathroom Trends – Updated for 2020

Perhaps giving your bathroom an update has been on your to-do list for way too long. It is 2020, and you have been keeping your eye on all the trends, and dreaming of mint tiles and bamboo. 

If you want your bathroom to look and feel like a spa experience every morning, then you don’t need to look any further!

We are Enhancements INC, the bathroom remodeling experts, and the following are this year’s biggest bathroom trends.

We based these trends on their timeless material, the use of amazing new technology, and lastly, we explore top cabinet pops. So whether you want to make a total overhaul or just a simple swap, here is what’s hot.

1. Matte Black Accents

Are you are looking for a unique finish that will make a fashion statement? 

Matte black is all the rage. When you use black as a bathroom accent, the mixed finished style is a game-changer when it comes to the look of your space. 

A stylish matte black shower head against a light backdrop can create a sleek and sophisticated appeal. You can also use this look on your faucet or vanity hardware to give your bathroom an alluring pop.

2. Wood Vanities

There has been a tremendous craze in the use of wood vanities in the bathroom this 2020. The use of driftwood, beautiful maple, or reclaimed barn wood, can help add dimension and give a soft, comfortable spa-like twist to your bathroom! 

3. Floating Toilets

Just like floating vanity, floating toilets are hitting home design trends with a particular Feng Shui. Previously, they were only found in super modern homes, but nowadays they are one of the most notable trends this year!  

People are attracted to floating vanities and floating toilets, because of their easy cleaning and sleek look. Perhaps these modern designs also headway a futuristic trend and style. 

Floating Toilets are also going green, with eco-flush options, and a cleanly finish. With floating toilets and floating vanities alike, there are far fewer nooks and crannies for dust and bathroom germs to gather. 

4. Statement Art

Of course, everyone’s desire is to have every room in their house to look beautiful. So why not infuse the same character into your bathroom via the use of a stunning piece of art? 

Go ahead and inject some personality and color into your bathroom! Statement art is all about adding texture and color to your bathroom considering the nature and sometimes lack of window in the space.

But remember, moister, moister, moister! Consider the fact that moisture is inevitable in the bathroom, so you don’t want to hang up a priceless work of art.

Instead, we suggest hanging a poster or print of Van Gogh on the walls, rather than the real thing. You can shop from online retailers for awesome prints that will add a bit of pizzaz to your bathroom. 

5. Spa Features

Let’s face it; bathroom luxuries are no longer exclusive to spas and top-notch hotels. Recently and notably in 2020, more bathroom brands are all about pampering.

And why not? You spend every morning in your bathroom. It should feel like a calm and relaxing place to start your day. Spa-inspired home bathrooms offer an escape from busy lives with bamboo accents, earthly toned-tiles, and soft rug accents. 

6. Statement Marble

Whether they are on countertops, floors, or walls- marble makes a fancy focal point. The porous nature of marble helps it to absorb water quickly, which also makes it ideal for bathroom use.

Marble is highly regarded for its durability and versatility. If marble floors throw you over budget, then opt for a gorgeous stone that will still make a statement.

7. Gray Cabinetry

The interest in gray cabinetry is climbing tremendously, and it is easy to see why. Grey can act as a perfect backdrop to any existing element. It can pair perfectly with a crisp white bathroom or earthy tile accents.

Since gray functions as a neutral, it can provide a depth of color that allows other elements in the bathroom to flourish. Think of Gray as your versatile team player! 

Remodel Your Bathroom Today

Have all these trends left you eyeing up new bathroom ideas? Whether you need bathroom partitions, bathroom remodeling, or construction of a whole new bathroom – ensure you have a certified, experienced company on your side. Give us a call today, and we will get your dream bathroom started.

Our professions are ready to bring your ideas to life with all the current trends and styles. Make your bathroom a place to wake up and be excited about today. 

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