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6 Dazzling Tips for Revamping Your Bathroom

How To Give Your Bathroom The Makeover It Desperately Needs

Revamping a bathroom is no minor task. So, before you commence taking out the tub, and peeling off the tiles, get some pro advice from people who make bathroom remodeling their tea and bread. 

We surveyed designers, contractors, and other professionals so that we could bring you their best tips and unspoken tricks. Today we are going to talk about how to get your bathroom remodeling project done right. 

Below are some awe-inspiring bathroom-remodeling tips to guide you in creating the bathroom you always dreamed of- a space to wake-up and be excited about!

1. No-regret Floor Tiles

Stone and tile are arguably a make it or break it statement piece in any bathroom. If you are looking for a floor that doesn’t require much care and is easily kept shiny and clean, go for glazed or porcelain tiles

It is vital to avoid porous floor tile covers like limestone. On the other hand, if you fall in love with limestone styles, make sure that the floors are well sealed. This is because limestone floors often absorb trickles and spills of liquids which will cause them to become stained over time.

If you want a non-slip floor, pick tiles with matte finishes, coarse surfaces, or glazed tiles containing sand. A great example would be small tiles that come with grout lines and offer a sturdier “grasp” than large floor tiles. 

2. The Best Seal to Use

Finding top-tier caulk for your bathroom-remodeling project is quite tricky. When seeking to select a seal for your project, pick a hybrid formula or acrylic caulk. By being selective, you can get rid of mold, mildew, and stains without needing to use any harsh chemicals. 

Additionally, choosing the right caulk will make any replacements easier for you down the road and ensure that your floors possess mildewcide. Mildewcide offers consistent protection for five years or more, that’s a lot of showering!

3. How Much Space is Required for a Half Bath?

half bath layout

Ideally, a sink and toilet can fit into an 11-square-foot space and still meet the national building codes. But for the sake of comfort, when remodeling your bathroom, you should aim for an area that is 3 to 4 feet wide and 6 to 8 feet long.

You’ll want to have plenty of room to install the right vanity and toilet. While It is possible to fit the entire shebang into a smaller space, it is not recommended.

4. Amp up the Wiring

If your bathroom has been around for the long haul, your 15-amp electric installation has probably been battered by many years of high-power usage. 

Furthermore, when you are redoing your bathroom, you might want to replace the cables as well. You can replace your cables with an out-and-out 20-amp electrical circuit. A 20-amp electrical circuit will give you plenty of outlets for a wide range of bathroom must-haves. This will help in the long run, when it comes to your comfort and appliances.

Let’s face it, we all know that it is essential to have access to all of your morning-routine tools, ranging from hair straightening irons, blow dryers, toothbrushes, and electric razor blades.

5. Appropriate height for bathroom accessories

There are no rules laid down about how high a towel bar should be, or how low a robe hook should be, and a lot of the little touches require a great design eye. It is essential to get creative and be mindful when deciding on how high and low everything should be. 

Make an early-on decision about where to position things so that you can add additional blockings where necessary before the bathroom remodel is completed. If you can mark the prospective positions of these places, then amend for luxury.

6. Shoot for the Best Toilet

Don’t settle for any wimpy toilet. In fact why settle for anything less than environmentally friendly!  Maximum Performance Testing (MaP) evaluates the ability of a toilet to get the job done with just a push of the handle. Settle for a flusher with a MaP score of 500+. This includes top-performing toilet models and WaterSense-rated loos that utilize as low as half of the 1.6-gallon-per-flush authorized limit. 

Schedule your Bathroom Remodel

We hope you enjoyed these six dazzling tips for revamping your bathroom. Here at Enhancements INC, we have remodeled countless bathrooms and are ready to tackle your next home improvement project! Schedule a consultation today!

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