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Elegant Rockville, MD Stone And Tile Choices

Both stone and tile are great additions to give a natural home vibe to your house. They have qualities to enhance any part of your house whether it be inside or outside.

With our diverse inventory, we are sure to find a suitable color and style for any area you would like to modify. If you’re looking for something specific, let us know and we’ll make it happen. Our goal is to craft something that truly makes your home feel like it’s yours.

ceramic tile samples

Rockville Exterior Remodeling

With your vision, we can create something spectacular. We work with you to build a place that can be enjoyed all year round and that has a timeless beauty.

Your home’s exterior will become a space of relaxation, respite, and retreat where you feel at ease at any time of year. It doesn’t matter if its a porch, deck, or even a patio that you need to have recreated; we cover all of it. We can help you turn your dreams into reality and implement them in no time at all.

Restyling Your Rockville Home's Bathroom

Create a much more enjoyable experience for yourself and your guests. Updating your washroom to be pleasingly simple visually and comfortably easy to use will result in a much more comfortable lifestyle and a much more valuable house.

Ownership of such a luxurious washroom is an investment in the house as a whole and a necessity for any homeowner. When you invest in your home, you can rely on Enhancements Inc to bring your vision to life.


Rockville Kitchen Revamping

As a full-service home renovation contractor, we are skilled in many areas that overlap. As a result we are very experienced in all areas of home renovation.

This means that no matter how unique your dream kitchen is, we will be able to bring your perfect reality to life. The first and last step that you need to take to bring it to life is work with our specialists so that we fully understand everything that would make your kitchen the perfect kitchen.