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Surviving a Kitchen Remodeling Project

Spacious kitchen

Here Are Five Tips to Help You Begin Your Kitchen Remodel Did you know that kitchen and bathroom remodels add the most value to your home? More and more people have begun to renovate their kitchens in recent years. If you’re looking to remodel, you’re not alone.  And because the kitchen is so integral to…

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5 Great Tips for Choosing the Right Tile for Your Bathroom

choose the best tile for your bathroom

Choose the Right Tile for Your Bathroom When it comes to renovating a bathroom, nothing makes a more tremendous impression than tile – whether it’s on the wall, floor, around the tab or in the shower. The tile you choose for your bathroom has a great impact on both its functionality and style. Also, there…

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Color Psychology: How to Create an Emotionally Healthy Home

color your home the right way

Discover Your Color Personality    Studies have shown that the colors you pick for your home isn’t just a matter of aesthetics. They can have a profound effect on the emotional well-being of you and your family. In fact, colors are a form of communication that reflect your personality and set the tone in each room…

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