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Maryland Kitchen Remodeling: 2019 Trends to Check Out

white kitchen trends open vent maryland 2019

Get Inspiration for Your Custom Kitchen!

Considering getting your kitchen remodeled? Checking out different options?

Check out these 2019 trends that just might work for you and see what other Maryland residents are turning their kitchens into. Increase your home’s value and create your dream kitchen all at once!

Here are some of the trends to keep your eye on this year:

Matte Finish

If sleek and shiny kitchens aren’t your style then maybe it’s time to consider going matte. It has a chic and modern look to it, it’s easy to match with experimental chandeliers and centerpieces, and can come in so many fun colors.

Dark Kitchens

Dark kitchens, being so starkly different from the bright white we have all gotten used to seeing, offer an elegant moodiness that other kitchens do not. They answer the loudness of color with the quiet and contemplation.

You can have more fun with your dark kitchen by getting creative with your backsplash and integrating different metals, like a copper sink.

Quartz Countertops

So this one isn’t exactly a new trend. It’s an old one – and it rocks. Quartz pairs really well with wooden cabinetry, black cabinetry, matte cabinetry, etc. It’s a classic look that you can rearrange your kitchen around – new tables, new chairs, new curtains – and it can make anything look good.

Open Vents

Your oven vent doesn’t have to be hidden — it can be part of your kitchen’s “look.” Exposed vents and hoods can (depending on their color material, and finish) make your kitchen look sophisticated, industrial-chic, or futuristic minimal.

Colorful Grout

This may be right for you if you want to add a pop of color to your kitchen without doing anything too extreme. Colorful grout can liven up your space and add a personal touch: it will be hard to find a kitchen just like yours. Plus you can create a dynamic sense of movement and flow by adding different accent pieces in complementary (or opposing!) colors.

Wooden Counters

The most fun part about adding the warmth and earthiness of wooden counters to your kitchen is picking out the wood! Oak, maple, bamboo, walnut, teak, Brazilian cherry? You’re going to have to check out all of the different samples to see how they make you feel for a while first — because the feel of each unique wood can have such an effect on the room.

And then, of course, is the decision of what colors you are going to go with for your walls and cabinetry — do you want a dark kitchen with wooden countertops for a moody elegance? Do you want white for a fresh and open look? You could even pair it with the above matte cabinetry — and pick a more fun color to boot.

Custom Kitchen Remodeling For You

If you are in Germantown, Maryland and you are looking for a kitchen remodel, check out what we can do. We love turning the most important space for your family into the kitchen of your dreams!

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